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Dry Eye Treatments

  • Traditional "first-line" treatment for dry eye, while evolving rather noticeably these days, basically still revolves around the concept of plug-n-drop. No matter what the actual diagnosis (aqueous deficiency vs. meibomian gland dysfunction) this seems to be the default treatment. There are infinite variations according to the preferences of the physician. Some doctors may favor more plugging and less dropping, others may favor dropping and no plugging, some like steroids and some don't, some are big Restasis fans and others aren't. But in some form or another, before any other dry eye treatment you're sure to be given some drops and/or have plugs placed in your tear ducts.

  • An introduction to plugs including concepts, materials, designs, duration.

  • General tips on dealing with dry eye.

  • People with dry eye who have tried all the conventional treatments and modified their lifestyles and still aren't able to keep tolerably comfortable may be willing to explore these approaches.